Grower profiles

All Tablelands Merino wool is grown on farms that have been owned and operated by the same families for decades, in many cases over 100 years, and growing specialised superfine and ultrafine Merino wool has been a continuing passion for these families. The traditions of these farms are preserved whilst the most up to date grazing and animal husbandry practices have been adopted to guarantee animal welfare and our future sustainability. We sell only the Merino wool we produce and do so very proudly.


Take the natural beauty, the biodiversity, the health of the land along with generations of dedication, commitment and passion and that is what makes ”Blaxland” Merinos stand out.

Take an exceptional merino that is carefully nurtured to produce the most exquisite of fibres. Add land, soil and water care, low stress stock handling and forefront management techniques. Throw in respect and devotion and you’ll find yourself looking at a natural, renewable paddock grown fibre of superior softness with astonishing next to skin comfort. “Blaxland” Merinos is a family run passion. We are found in the beautiful New England Tablelands of NSW and we are passionate about merinos!

  • Farm Principles: Charlie & Lucie, James & Caroline Street
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Walcha
  • Property Size: 1,210 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino & Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 5,500
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 21,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.8μ

Congi Station

“Congi Station” is arguably the world’s largest Superfine Merino flock, located in the Northern Tablelands of NSW, renowned around the globe for its unrivalled fine Merino wool.

The Field family has been producing quality fine wool on Congi for over 90 years, focusing on superior genetics, leading edge technologies and incorporating sustainable land management practices to breed the ultimate in luxury fine wools. Our unique scale, pristine environment, years of experience, and a passion for this wonderful fibre drive our ability to supply large quantities of ethically grown Superfine and Ultrafine Merino Wool with year on year dependability.

  • Farm Principles: T A Field Estates Pty Ltd
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Walcha
  • Property Size: 10,004 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino & Beef Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 39,000
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 145,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.8μ


Cressbrook Merinos have been in the business of wool production for over a century. We breed our sheep in a way that continually improves the quality of the fleece grown.

We focus on improving comfort characteristics of our wool that allow a fabric that can be worn next to the skin. A flock average micron of 16, low CVFD, to eliminate coarse fibres and high staple strength ensure our wools achieve luxurious qualities. Cressbrook Merino wool is produced on a farm that has very high environmental and animal ethics standards.

  • Farm Principles: Lachlan Fulloon
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Armidale
  • Property Size: 1600 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merinos
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 9,000
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 35,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.3μ

Deepwater Station

For over 100 years on Deepwater Station we have been breeding merino sheep to produce clean, soft, white superfine (14 to 17 micron) merino wool with exceptional style and tensile strength.

This wool is produced in a stunning natural environment where the sheep have constant access to fresh pasture, clean water and shelter. No herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used on our land, the sheep are not mulesed and the wool has only organic products applied to it. We are proudly growing an exquisite natural luxury fibre in a way that is demonstrably beneficial to our environment.

  • Farm Principles: Scott & Catie Macansh
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Deepwater
  • Property Size: 1,620 Ha
  • Enterprises: Merino Sheep & Beef Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 7,000
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 25,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.6μ


Europambela has been in the hands of the same family since 1860 growing superfine wool, using traditional and scientific methods.

We now produce a bright, high crimping fibre between 12.5 and 17 microns. The animals producing this fibre live on the beautiful Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, running on native and improved pastures. The sheep are free to roam under strict animal welfare protocols, being unmulesed, kept free of disease and parasites. Under these conditions we are able to produce one of the most beautiful of the worlds textile fibres.

  • Farm Principles: Europambela Grazing
  • Company Pty Ltd
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Walcha
  • Property Size: 3,870 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino & Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 18,500
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 51,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 15.6μ


Recognised as a premier merino producer since our establishment in 1834, Gostwyck Merino produces 100% unmulesed, ethically grown, environmentally sound merino.

Gostwyck merino is classified into 3 ranges – Superfine with an average 16 micron, Ultrafine at 15 micron and Ultimate at 14,3 micron. All are “ITCH FREE” and extremely comfortable next to skin. At Gostwyck every fleece is tested using a Laserscan to ensure we meet our standards. Gostwyck’s Time Controlled Grazing systems ensure that our soils and pastures are protected and healthy which in turn produce healthier sheep and better merino fibre. For more details please click here to visit our website.

  • Farm Principles: Philip & Alison Attard
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Gostwyck
  • Property Size: 2,626 Ha
  • Enterprises: SuperFine Merino, & Beef Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 17,500
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 48,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16μ (adult sheep)


The Blomfield Family has been producing wool in Australia since the 1820’s and in Walcha since the 1920s.

The family’s focus is to create a sustainable business producing quality wools for our customers by producing:

• Uniquely soft wools that can create a soft and sensuous experience for next-to-skin garments
• An environmentally friendly and sustainable farm including holistic farm management, the use of natural fertilisers and a rotational grazing systems
• A plain bodied sheep that does not require mulesing and is genetically worm resistance resulting in minimum use of external chemicals and drenches to enhance good animal welfare practices.

  • Farm Principles: Edward & Karen Blomfield and Rob & Katrina Blomfield
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Walcha
  • Property Size: 924 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino,
  • Beef Cattle & Prime Lambs
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 5,050
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 18,420 Kg
  • Average Micron: Adult 16.4μ, Hoggets 14.5μ

Mt William

Mt William Agriculture is a fourth generation family run fine wool Merino sheep enterprise. It is owned by Robert and Matthew Kelly and managed by Robert Kelly and Fiona Macarthur.

Mt William Agriculture aims to produce high quality traditional superfine wool in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner which is suitable for high end
fashion. To achieve this we practice time controlled grazing and incorporate the latest science and technology in our sheep breeding program with all sheep being non mulesed. Time controlled grazing allows the pastures to be rested, increasing pasture quality, water use efficiency, soil fertility and carbon sequestration. It also leads to a decrease in the use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides. The grazing system has allowed for the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas through exclusive fencing of waterways and timbered areas leading to the regeneration of native flora and habitat enrichment for native fauna.

  • Farm Principles: Robert & Matthew Kelly
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Guyra
  • Property Size: 1,462 Ha
  • Enterprises: Merino Sheep & Beef Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 4,200
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 15,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.7μ

Rockvale North

The McClenaghan’s at Rockvale North produce high quality ultrafine merino, their unmulsed sheep produce soft, bright, white, fleece, as fine as 12 microns.

Science shows merino of this quality can always be worn next to the skin; even when used in extreme sports. A traditional classing system incorporates the latest technology. Each sheep is measured for micron, fleece weight, staple length, strength and style, enabling the production of a uniform and consistent fleece of the highest quality. Managing merinos and the land in an ethical and respectful way is all part of creating the very best ultra fine merino fleece.

  • Farm Principles: Rob, Sue, and Luke McClenaghan.
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Armidale
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino

Taylors Run

“The Hill” is a family owned property producing superfine Merino since 1839. Our superior quality natural fibre of 16 micron, grown by our 100% unmulesed sheep, is proudly traditional Italian style Merino as preferred by some of the finest fashion houses in the world.

We continue to produce fibre in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner in accordance with the latest industry standards. Our commitment to improving the production standards is seen in our rotational grazing practices promoting healthy soils and pastures, modern stock-handling facilities for safe animal welfare, over 500,000 trees planted and a recognised innovator of sustainable farming practices.

  • Farm Principles: Michael & Milly Taylor
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Kentucky
  • Property Size: 647 Ha
  • Enterprises: SuperFine Merino, & Beef Cattle
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 3,500
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 13,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.2μ

The Hill

Almost two centuries of stewardship has seen the Taylor’s Merino flock evolve to provide a superior fibre to our customers.

Our sheep enjoy the Taylor Family’s continual push towards revitalising our landscape and creating a totally natural environment, with minimal chemical intervention and maximum emphasis on ethical care. We respect the sheep that have carried us successfully for so many generations, and provide them with the care, nourishment and husbandry they deserve. This management produces Merino that is consistently cleaner, softer, brighter and stronger, and will enhance the absolute comfort and quality of any garment. The Superfine Merino produced by The Hill Pastoral Co is a predictable, quality product that will ensure maximum performance.

  • Farm Principles: Bruce & Anita Taylor
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Kentucky
  • Property Size: 1,250 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merino,
  • Angus Cattle & Prime Lambs
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 5,500
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 17,000 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.5μ


Under 180 years of Nivison stewardship, over 4000 tonnes of superfine merino have been grown on the high, red soils of Yalgoo on the Northern Tablelands of NSW.

The Yalgoo merino is an evolving package of genes designed to add more value to our customers year on year. Our unique environment has sculptured our sheep to produce a fibre that is consistently finer, stronger and whiter. Over this period; successive Nivison generations have embraced scientific enhancement to ensure traits that are important to our customers are relentlessly improved. For nearly two centuries we have lived by the motto: “that if we look after our sheep, then they will look after us”. In achieving this we have always treated our sheep with respect, cared for them in an ethical manner and practised sustainable grazing management strategies to ensure our sheep thrive. Yalgoo merino is inimitable due to it’s provenance, predictability and performance.

  • Farm Principles: Nivison Family
  • Region: Northern Tablelands, NSW
  • Location: Walcha
  • Property Size: 3,371 Ha
  • Enterprises: Fine Wool Merinos and beef production. Seed stock Merinos and Seed stock beef.
  • No. Sheep Shorn: 17,000
  • Kilograms Of Greasy Wool: 62,565 Kg
  • Average Micron: 16.1μ